PSI Sentinels: Guardians of the Psychic World

Extraordinary senses in a world full of danger.

Protectors and hunters, PSI agents lay their abilities, sometimes their lives, on the line.
They defend and shield unwary victims against the twisted underside of a
psychic society bent on exploiting an unsuspecting, mundane world.

Gavin's Woman
A PSI Sentinel Novella / Darkwater Guardians

Gavin Dunbar, liaison between the PSI and the government, is a low-level psychic himself. A man of the present who believes the future is too nebulous, too fluid – that it can't be trusted. His reasons are mired deep in a past he has no desire to examine. After all, in his world, having a soul-mate doesn't equate to happily-ever-after.
Stolen Spirit
PSI Sentinels Book One

Can she leave him again to save his life?

Hearing his dead ex-girlfriend’s voice in an empty room is enough to make a man question his sanity. Worse is when that ex insists she shouldn’t have died. Broken cop Jake Carrigan has no interest in delving into a past full of heartache and regrets. But he can’t deny she still matters, even if she’s simply a voice in his head.

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