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Astrology, one of my great passions and of all the As I’d like to include in the ABCs of the Psychic Realm is one of the hardest for me to blog about – probably because the subject is so vast and can be overwhelming. It’s kept me staring at my screen for these last several weeks, scratching my head, wondering where to start!

That said, let’s dig in!

I’d venture to say most people know their Sun Sign and even understand the core of the archetype associated with their Sun. If you’re an Aries, you know you’re supposed to be fiery, impulsive and impatient, that you’re a great initiator, but not all that great at follow-up or follow-through.

As a Cancer, you might be known for your moodiness, your love of Mom and family, and possibly the fact you’re, at your heart, a nurturer, liking to take care of people, to feed them. You can be an excellent self-starter, maybe a bit lousy on the follow-through.

Then there are Libra and Capricorn.

Libras can live for beauty, for one-on-one relationships. With an eye for design, you can make an inspiring interior decorator, that person who knows instinctively what looks right and what doesn’t. With a wealth of great ideas, you’re good at getting things going, maybe not so good at completing them.

Capricorn is the most ambitious of all the signs and you’re driven to achieve, it’s at the root of your nature. You’re earthy, fairly direct and decisive, maybe a little arrogant and impatient, but you know what you want, what your vision is although sticking through to the end might take more focus than you realized when you started down that path.

On the surface, as archetypes, these four people are completely different. However, they do share some common characteristics. All four are notorious self-starters and all four are lacking in the follow-through department.

This commonality between the four is due to a common Modality. In the Astrological world, there are three modes of being: Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable.

CARDINAL signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) represent the start of each of the four seasons. They represent beginnings and the power of initiation. This is where that common ‘self-starting’ ability kicks in.

Aries ushers in spring, that shiny brand new cycle of the seasonal year. They’re first in all things, impatient, aggressive with a bright, full spark inside that makes it seem anything is possible.

Cancer marks the advent of summer, with the promise of warm, long days stretching out in front of us. These are the nurturers of the Zodiac, representing motherhood and the first nurturing we find.

Libra brings autumn forward and marks the halfway point of the seasonal year. Libras are all about one-on-one relationships, about beauty and, again, relating.

Capricorn, the last of the Cardinal signs, marshals in winter. The most ambitious, Capricorn is best at initiating practical applications in regards to business and real-world applications.

FIXED signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) are found in the middle of each season. They’re stable, sustaining, and are representative of the season where they’re found.

Taurus is spring in full bloom. Packed with beauty, they can be stubborn and inflexible but are also reliable.

Leo is summer bursting at its seams. They’re loyal, dedicated and just as prone as the other fixed signs to digging in and not budging.

Scorpio is autumn at its height. Determined, they’re persistent with a marked fixity of purpose.

Aquarius is during that time when winter has a firm hold on the land, during the deepest cold. Aquarians can be quite logical, objective, and extremely hard-headed.

MUTABLE signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) transition between seasons. They’re the endings that make way for new beginnings, and their power lies is all about change. Mutable people are adaptable, flexible and going with the flow is part of who they are, they can see all sides of a situation and can have a hard time coming to a decision which might leave them appearing wishy-washy.

Gemini ends spring and welcomes summer. They have a mental agility that gives them an ability to grasp new ideas without blinking an eye.

Virgo bridges that time between summer and fall with an aptitude for pinpointing the authenticity of a situation while still seeing all sides. They strive to serve where they see a need.

Sagittarius transits that time between fall into winter and, with their bend toward philosophy, are excellent at seeing the bigger picture and inspiring others.

Pisces, the last sign of the Zodiac, represents the end of the seasonal cycle, when winter is closing and a new cycle – a new spring – is about to begin. Those born during this time can be emotionally sensitive, often able to feel other’s feelings to the point they have a hard time discerning their own emotions from those around them.


Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable - what’s your sun sign’s modality? Does the archetype fit who you are at your core?